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Quality Policy

Scientific: maintaining independence and honesty of judgment free from any administrative, business, financial and other pressures

Impartiality: use methods promulgated by national and industry standards and other methods that have been proven to be reliable

Accuracy: Provide good facilities and testing equipment for testing, with qualified technical and testing personnel, and provide quality testing reports through scientific and effective methods

Fast: timely completion of all testing tasks entrusted by customers

HSSE Policy
Smarter, more efficient, safer and better 

Smarter: We constantly pursue innovation and apply advanced technology to make technology smarter 

More efficient: We are committed to helping our customers improve the efficiency of their assets, reduce energy consumption, and save energy and protect the environment. 

Safer: We are committed to helping our customers improve safety management and achieve intrinsic safety. 

Better: Our constant goal is to innovate a better world and a better life 

HSSE Commitment

T-ALL inspection group has always considered HSSE to be a core value of the company: "Continuous Improvement, Life First". The company requires all employees to be responsible and accountable for HSSE; line management has the leadership responsibility to communicate, demonstrate, and comply with HSSE related policies and standards. We are committed to.

1) Comply with laws, regulations and other requirements of the country and region where we are located, and respect local customs and traditions.

2)Establish and implement HSSE management system and continuously improve HSSE performance. 

3)Protect the health and safety of employees (including the contractor's employees) at all times and under all circumstances. 

4)Promote clean production, through pollution prevention and emission control, efficient use of natural resources, and waste reduction and recycling. 

5)Minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. 

6) Good HSSE performance is a prerequisite for employment with the company, and the company rewards excellence in HSSE. 

7)publishing company HSSE performance candidly. 

8) Foster an HSSE culture of leadership demonstration, full participation, intervention by all, and pursuit of excellence. All employees, contractors and suppliers of T-ALL inspection group Co., Ltd. are expected to share and fulfill this commitment.

T-ALL Helpful Rules

T-ALL inspection group is the largest independent third-party testing service company in China with the most comprehensive technical service capability in the oilfield field. It is the first Chinese company to enter the international market to carry out oilfield testing technology services and has established cooperative relationships with many large oil companies and oilfield service companies at home and abroad.