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Tubing& Casing Inspection, which belongs to T-ALL Inspection Group, is the first integrated technical service provider in China providing oil casing overhaul, short section and accessory processing, and anti-corrosion technical services. After nearly 20 years of development, the company has grown into a comprehensive service provider with international competitiveness in oil casing overhaul and its supporting technical services.

Service Scope

·  Integrated Tubing& Casing services  ·  Tubing& Casing Overhaul Technical Services

·  Tubing& Casing field testing technical services  ·  Short section and accessory processing services

·  Repairing and Anti-corrosion Technology

Service Performance

Major domestic customers: Tarim Oilfield, Kunlun Energy, Southwest Oil and Gas Field, Western Pipeline, Southwest Pipeline, etc.

Major international regions: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Chad, etc.

20 years of service in the industry: over 2 million oil casing overhauls, over 150,000 short joints and over 400,000 anti-corrosion coatings

Company Qualification


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