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The Oilfield nondestructive inspection belongs to T-ALL Inspection Group, which started in 2002 and provides non-destructive testing, safety evaluation and supporting repair technology services covering the whole field of oilfield, such as oilfield asset integrity management, non-destructive testing technology management consulting services, drilling tool testing and evaluation, oilfield well site equipment testing, drilling tool repair and anti-wear, and special equipment testing.It is the most competitive and largest integrated oilfield nondestructive inspection service provider in China, and the earliest independent third-party nondestructive inspection service company in China that has entered the international oilfield market and has become internationally competitive.

Service Scope

·   nondestructive inspection technology management technical services  · Oilfield well site equipment testing services 

· Special equipment testing services   ·  Drilling tool testing and evaluation services   

·  Drilling tool repair and anti-wear technology   ·  Oilfield equipment supervision services

Service Performance
·  Major domestic customers: Tarim Oilfield, Western Drilling, Southwest Oil and Gas Field, Western Pipeline, Southwest Pipeline, etc.

·  Major international regions: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Chad, etc.

·  Has served more than 60 customers, covering petroleum, chemical, machinery, electric power and other fields

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