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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the foundation of an enterprise's foundation, the soul of an enterprise, the expression of its external image and the inexhaustible power of its development. The culture system of T-ALL Inspection is based on the common values of human society, following the values of the countries and regions in which it is located and the principle principles that everyone agrees with.

Cultural foundation: following traditional values and basic principles that everyone agrees on

1. Comply with the law

2. Performing duties

3. What is right as a human being

4.High standard requirement

Enterprise vision: smarter, more environmentally friendly, safer and better

1. Smarter - we constantly pursue innovation and apply advanced technology to make technology smarter

2. More environmentally friendly - we are committed to helping customers improve the efficiency of asset trials, reduce energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection

3. Safer - we are committed to helping our customers provide safety management level and achieve intrinsic safety

4. Better - Our constant goal is to create a better world and a better life

Corporate Mission: To help others succeed

1.Empowering collaboration

2.Open sharing

3.Pay first

4.Common development

Business Philosophy

1. Ownership, everyone is an amoeba

2. Pursuit of high performance, result-oriented

3. Quick response, immediate action

Core Values I: Honesty and Integrity

1. Abide by the principles

2. Close to customers

3. Perfect delivery

4. Create value

Core Value 2: Enterprising

1.Focus on the goal

2. Do our best

3. Hard work

4. Dare to sacrifice

Core Value 3: Learning and Innovation 

1. Lifelong learning

2. Knowledge iteration

3. Continuous improvement

4. Continuous innovation

Strategic Goal: A leading global asset intelligence management company