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Cohesion and courage to move forward
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In order to implement the service concept of "customer ultimate and beautiful experience" of T-ALL, during the Mid Autumn and National Day holidays, all employees of the Xinjiang Project Department Inspection Team of Tong'ao Testing Nondestructive Testing Branch adhere to their work positions, work overtime with a rigorous attitude and solid work style to promote production, and have won high recognition and praise from the leaders of China Petroleum Western Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd. Pipe and Well Control Technology Service Company, On October 13th, the customer personally handwritten a letter of praise and presented it to our company.


As a leading testing institution in the industry, T-ALL has an experienced, skilled, and professional testing team with clear division of labor. As an important branch of the company, the Testing Team 2 of the Xinjiang Project Department of the non-destructive testing branch has long been responsible for providing various drilling tools, tools, and other production support materials required for oilfield exploration and development. On this special holiday, the employees of T-ALL gave up their homes for everyone and resolutely adhered to their positions, fully demonstrating the excellent quality and sense of responsibility of the company's "willingness to contribute and courage to take responsibility"!

During this period, the second inspection team and the non-destructive testing branch achieved significant work results. On October 4th, during the trial use of 580 drilling tools from Shandong Weima 5-1/2 in the GL3-H10 well of Tarim Oilfield, three drilling tool defects were discovered in a timely manner, providing timely and reliable technical support for the use of the drilling tool. The client highly praised our company's work and praised their outstanding contributions in ensuring oilfield safety production.


Through this practical test during the Double Festival, non-destructive testing has accumulated valuable experience and lessons, and has gained a deeper understanding of the importance of teamwork, as well as the continuous improvement and improvement of testing skills and service quality. In future work, T-ALL will continue to carry forward its corporate mission of "helping others succeed" and contribute more efforts to ensuring oilfield exploration and development, as well as safe production.