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The upgrading and renovation of mechanical sandblasting equipment in the oilfield anti-corrosion project department of the Oil and Casing Inspection Branch has been successfully completed
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On September 23, 2023, the sandblasting equipment upgrade and renovation of the oilfield anti-corrosion project department of the T-ALL Oil and Casing Testing Branch took more than a month to complete successfully. Leaders at all levels of the group visited the old base of Luntai to warmly congratulate the completion of the project upgrade and renovation.


In 2005, T-ALL established the only multifunctional coating production line for the inner wall of pipes in Luntai County, Xinjiang. It used various nano metal oxide bottoms, graphene, and special multi-dimensional nano material bottoms to process anti-corrosion and anti wax coatings on drill pipes and oil pipes, forming the ATP-400 oil pipe anti wax coating that solves the problems of high wax well wax sealing and wax blockage Various coating products such as ATP-100 OP type oil pipe anti-corrosion coating, ATP-100 DP type drill pipe anti-corrosion coating with extended drill pipe life cycle, and ATP-200/300 dual component coating for anti-corrosion and rust prevention of gathering and transportation pipelines and surface pipelines, which are severely affected by the reduction of pipe wall in highly corrosive wells.


The comprehensive resumption of work and production marks the successful completion of the sixth production line upgrade, fully reflecting the high importance that Tongao Testing attaches to capacity upgrading and technological innovation. This technical upgrade has solved problems such as mechanical sandblasting equipment failure and accessory wear, further improving the removal efficiency of impurities such as old coatings, oil stains, mud, and oxide skin on the inner wall of the pipe, reducing internal stress, and achieving a depth of 50 anchor lines on the inner wall μ M-100 μ The height of m is controllable, and the inner wall roughness reaches Sa2.5 level, which fully complies with the standards of "Rust Grades and Derusting Grades of Steel Surfaces before Painting" GB8923 and "Technical Conditions for Internal Coatings of Petroleum Drill Rods" SY/T 0544-2016. The quality control has reached a new high. The application of automatic control system has increased the number of sandblasting pipes and tools simultaneously from 4 to 6, and the maximum operating volume per hour has been increased from 12 to 18. The production capacity of the process has been increased by 50%, adding new wings to the old team!


This technical renovation has been successfully completed, significantly improving the ability of oilfield anti-corrosion service guarantee in the work area, and continuously optimizing the customer experience of Sinopec Northwest Bureau and various pipe tool companies. The coating work is being carried out in full swing, demonstrating the service concept of "customer-centered" in T-ALL. T-ALL will continue to uphold the spirit of technological innovation and provide customers with smarter, safer, more environmentally friendly, and better quality services