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Riding the Wind, Breaking the Waves, Sailing Far Away - The HK Platform Pipeline Treatment and Airtightness Test Successfully Completed
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In the mysterious and profound sea, one platform after another stands like stars dotted with night in the easternmost s area of our country. In this sea area, the Pipeline Processing Project Department of the Gas Sealing Testing Branch of T-ALL successfully completed the first pipeline processing and airtightness testing offshore operation of the HK platform.

On September 21, 2023, employees of the T-ALL boarded the HK operation platform. With the cooperation of the on-site operation manager of the oil production service branch of the first party, CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd., they immediately conducted an operation analysis of the platform's airtightness testing content. After preparing for various preparations and taking risk management measures, our inspection personnel and the on-site operation manager of the first party conducted a commencement acceptance and held a handover ceremony.


The production platform has not been put into operation since its establishment, and various pipelines, valves, and flanges have different aging phenomena and leakage risks. The highest detection pressure for this operation is 412Bar, with a large capacity and high pressure, belonging to ultra-high pressure and high-risk operations. Tong'ao Testing attaches great importance to the completion and delivery of this airtight testing operation with high quality and quantity, which is also an important part of ensuring the safe production of the platform in the later stage. The preparation time provided for this project from obtaining orders to construction organization is very limited, and the time is tight and the task is heavy. The testing personnel responded quickly and prepared equipment such as liquid nitrogen pumps, liquid nitrogen tanks, various testing pipelines and instruments in a timely manner. Due to the approaching construction time of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, our company strives to complete the construction work delivery with high quality and quantity before the festival.


From mobilization preparation to the end of construction, T-ALL completed all the work content of 12 test packages in only 7 days, detected 6 various leakage points, and cooperated with Party A to inert all the test package pipelines. The platform required an oxygen content of no more than 2%, and our company reduced the oxygen content to 0.4%, meeting safer standards. We also delivered the work perfectly before the National Day as planned. The high efficiency and standards demonstrated throughout the construction organization and operation process have been highly recognized by the leadership of Party A. Both parties held a completion handover ceremony and look forward to continuing cooperation with our company on the next platform.


There will be times when the wind blows and the waves break, hanging clouds and sailing straight to the vast sea. The successful completion of the HK platform gas seal testing offshore operation reflects the agile and efficient organizational construction ability and excellent technical strength of the T-ALL Gas Seal Pipeline Processing Project Department. Tongao Testing will continue to ride the wind and waves, sail far and provide more professional and high-quality services in the gas seal pipeline processing business.