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Centralized delivery of multi technology sequence pipeline baseline inspection on-site operations in November
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On November 17, 2023, the T-ALL Inspection team led by Zhong Liang completed the on-site inspection of the coal seam gas pipeline from Gujiao to Taiyuan (Gutai Line) in Huaxin City, Shanxi Province. The pipeline has a length of 45.55 km and a diameter of Φ 406mm, with a design pressure of 4MPa and an operating pressure of 2MPa. There are receiving and transmitting ball cylinder devices installed in the first station of Haojiazhuang and the final station of Qingxu. The medium transported by the Gutai Line is coalbed methane, with a high amount of impurities. The pipeline has undergone multiple major deformations, and since its commissioning in 2012, no cleaning or internal testing operations have been carried out, making the implementation of the project difficult. The testing team conducted meticulous on-site surveys and worked with clients to carefully develop work plans, accurately confirm on-site processes, optimize work organization arrangements, and fully communicate and coordinate with upstream and downstream to make reasonable use of gas peak valley characteristics. They gradually carried out 18 cleaning operations and ultimately completed the safe operation of the internal detector in the pipeline.

During the homework process, the team was not afraid of difficulties, worked together day and night, and worked tirelessly. Not only did they successfully complete the baseline inspection of the Gutai Line, but they also improved the cleanliness of the pipeline and the ability to ensure gas supply in winter. At the same time, they accumulated a lot of practical experience for the cleaning and internal inspection of coalbed methane pipelines.


On November 24, T-ALL Inspection "Sun Huiliang Team" completed the on-site operation of full foam inspection of Longxi Branch Pipeline of Zhonggui Natural Gas Pipeline. This pipeline was put into operation in 2015, starting from Tianshui Gas Transmission Station and ending at Longxi Gas Transmission Terminal Station. The total length is 144.3km, with a diameter of Φ 219mm, with 2 stations and 7 valve chambers along the way, with a design pressure of 6.3MPa and a current operating pressure of 4.3MPa.

The pipeline has problems such as low gas transmission volume and severe deformation of the diameter gauge plate during the early sending of the pig, so internal inspection has not been carried out. After receiving the inspection task, the team brainstormed and overcame factors such as short time, heavy tasks, and difficulties in tracking the pipeline in mountainous areas. In collaboration with the client, the operation time was adjusted to the winter supply period, greatly improving the efficiency of the detector operation and successfully completing the baseline inspection task of the pipeline.


On November 26, T-ALL Inspection "Leichuan Team" completed the on-site inspection of the whole foam in Lijiang Branch of the Myanmar China Natural Gas Pipeline. The total length of the pipeline is 199.2km. It was put into operation in 2017, with a design pressure of 6.3MPa and a pipe diameter Φ 219mm, with a total of 3 stations and 7 valve chambers. Due to the fact that the pipeline is located in a mountainous area, with a long distance, low gas volume, and high construction difficulty, conventional internal inspection techniques cannot be used to solve the baseline inspection problem.

In order to solve the baseline detection problem of this pipeline, the team decided to adopt the full foam detection technology to reduce the risk after repeated exploration and design, and set the operating speed range of the detector at 0.2-7m/s. In response to the issue of long running time, the team calculated through deduction and increased the detector length to 1.3m without affecting the detector's passability. This way, the detector's battery life can reach 89h, leaving sufficient time for its operation. After more than 2 months of on-site work, the on-site inspection task was finally completed.


On November 30th, the T-ALL Inspection team led by Tian Deyi completed baseline inspections of two pipelines in central China. The connecting line of the Changchen pipeline (National Storage -815 Oil Storage) was 8.003km long, and the Xiangtan branch line of the Lanzheng Changcheng pipeline (Zhaoshan Station National Storage) was 1.896km long with a diameter of 1.896km Φ 350mm, design pressure 9.5MPa. Due to the lack of receiving and transmitting tubes in the pipeline, the team carried out process modifications and installed temporary receiving and transmitting tubes on site, efficiently completing the baseline inspection of two pipelines.



In November, multiple technical sequences of pipeline baseline inspections were delivered on site, fully demonstrating the technical strength of the T-ALL Inspection team in dealing with different complex situations. T-ALL Inspection will continue to accumulate experience and provide better services to pipeline customers.