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Strive forward and work assiduously, follow up and add to the splendor: The skill competition shows the elegant demeanour, and the brave strive to be the first to promote development! - Record that the smooth closing of the staff skill competition in the first half of 2024 of T-ALL Inspection!

The Luntai County Party branch committee of T-ALL Inspection carried out the thematic party day activity of "Learning from Lei Feng with warm feelings in March, and the party members set an example as a model"

Break through brambles and thorns, forge ahead and open up new markets for testing internationally - Record of T-ALL Inspection's exchange and research in Saudi Arabia

Don't say that women are not heroes,the dragon sword clangs on the wall every night.- recording the development of the theme symposium of '3·8 Goddess Festival' of T-ALL Inspection group

T-ALL Inspection and Hebei Jiantou jointly explore a new chapter of wind power technology services, and work together to create a leading position in the industry

T-ALL Inspection Testing Group and State Power Investment Shanghai Power Generation Equipment Research Institute jointly explore a new chapter in the field of new energy testing

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