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Self-driven high-quality development, joint innovation digital transformation - T-ALL Inspection Group 2022 annual work conference was successfully held
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From January 7 to January 8, 2023, T-ALL Inspection Group held its 2022 annual work conference simultaneously offline and online in three venues: Chengdu, Korla and Lundai. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anton Group, Mr. Luo Lin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of T-ALL Inspection Group, Mr. Shen Haihong and CEO Mr. Li Pandeng attended the meeting and delivered speeches, Executive Vice President Mr. Guan Qingbin presided over the meeting, heads of organs, general managers of branches and managers of project departments and other personnel attended the meeting. The meeting was divided into four modules: annual thematic work report meeting, team style meeting, training meeting, as well as pledge meeting and staff meeting, which mainly focused on the theme of"independent drive for high-quality development, joint innovation and digital transformation - to promote the leapfrog development of T-ALL Inspection to achieve the IPO goal and continue The theme of the meeting was "Hard Struggle".


Chengdu Venue


Kullu Venue

The first meeting was the annual thematic work report meeting. The person in charge of each department of T-ALL Inspection Group summarized and reported the overall work of the testing department in 2022 from the aspects of marketing, human resources, technology, QHSE, finance, etc., and made a layout for the work in 2023.

At the meeting, CEO of T-ALL Inspection Group, Mr. Li Phanden, summarized the work of the group for the whole year of 2022 and made a deployment for the work of the testing team in the coming year. Firstly, the operation work is the top priority, and the final manifestation of the operation results is the primary goal of the work in 2023; secondly, the marketing work needs to be fully developed; 2023 is the key year for T-ALL Inspection Group to declare its listing, and the marketing force of each project department is crucial to promote the smooth listing of the testing; thirdly, the per capita labor efficiency should be comprehensively improved, and the introduction of high-end talents and the training of internal talents should be emphasized; fourthly The fourth, technology investment should be used on the cutting edge, focus on technical work, clear full-time R & D personnel; fifth, strict control of operational quality management, enhance core competitiveness; sixth, agile operation, financial management work is particularly important. For the work focus of T-ALL Inspection Group in 2023, Mr. Li proposed: firstly, digital drive is the core; secondly, pay attention to the assessment and do a good job of propaganda; thirdly, keep the innovative work thinking.


CEO Lee Phanden summarizes

At the meeting, Mr. Shen Haihong, Chairman of T-ALL Inspection Group, firstly gave full praise and affirmation to the work of testing in the past year. Mr. Shen said that the company still achieved very rare business performance under the influence of many factors such as epidemic sealing and control. For the work focus of T-ALL Inspection Group in 2023, Mr. Shen put forward several suggestions around the following aspects: First, in the market, development still depends on maintaining good relationships with old domestic customers, and making breakthroughs in new domestic customers and large foreign projects; Second, in terms of human resources, we should continue to introduce high-end talents, accelerate the training of middle strength, and repeatedly sort out small teams at the grassroots level; Third, in terms of technology management, we should favor the direction of R&D, pay attention to the investment of production and construction, popularize and apply the technology of Internet of Things and digitalization, organize the content of double carbon, and coordinate and plan the direction of double carbon development; fourth, in QHSE, we should put risk control in the first place; fifth, improve the management measures; sixth, conduct targeted training in assessment.


Chairman Shen Haihong delivered a speech

At the meeting, Luo Lin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anton Group, firstly congratulated T-ALL Inspection Group for the good results in the operation process in 2022, and then made several suggestions for the operation and development of the Group in 2023. First, for the listing work, we can set a target in terms of rising business performance; second, for the qualification construction of testing, we need to set a one-year period, or even a longer period, to solve the problem, which may be more important than the testing technology itself; third, for the testing quality control standard, it is better to establish a comprehensive monitoring system to visualize and on-line the testing process; fourth, for the market, testing in 2023 need to strengthen the management of orders, the main focus of cash flow operations, combined with the construction of the base to do a good job of market layout; fifth, for talent management, continue to strengthen the management of the small amoeba team, to enrich the honor system atmosphere.


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anton Group, Mr. Lorraine Line, attended the meeting and spoke

In the team style meeting, around the theme of "common labor", the heads of six project departments and organs shared their technical cases, market cases, operation delivery cases, operation delivery cases, epidemic control cases and QHSE case analysis. The new students of 2022 also shared their personal views on "common labor".

In the training session, the company invited Chen Hanbiao, an expert in the domestic inspection and testing industry, to conduct a training on the theme of "TIC Industry Research Report". All the leaders and colleagues who participated in the training actively interacted and discussed with the lecturer, internalizing the training content and benefiting greatly.


Analytical training for the inspection industry

In the staff meeting, first of all, the financial director of TIC, Xiao Po, explained the annual operation index, and then the general managers of each branch signed the operation responsibility certificate with the CEO of TIC, Li Phanden, in a combination of offline and online situation, and made a business statement and solemn vow in 2023. In the subsequent commendation meeting, 22 outstanding individuals, 11 outstanding teams and 4 outstanding projects of T-ALL Inspection Group were commended, encouraging all employees of the company to actively look up to excellence.



Outstanding individual, team and project recognition

In 2023, the listing of T-ALL Inspection Group officially entered the declaration stage. We firmly believe that under the strategic guidance of Mr. Luo and the leaders of the Group, we will continue to deepen joint innovation with customers, improve the governance structure, realize common labor, ensure rapid and high-quality development of testing, and continue to struggle hard to build T-ALL Inspection Group into a leading intelligent testing service group in China!