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Warmth of the New Year, Warmth of Tong'ao - 2022 year T-ALL Inspection Group Spring Festival staff sympathy activities documentary
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At the beginning of the New Year, the law returned to the Spring Gu, the year is like a white horse, the time flies, another year of festivals to. In order to let the staff feel the strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival and deeply experience the warmth of testing, the Human Resources Department of T-ALL Inspection Group has been working together with all units to send all staff the Spring Festival condolences and New Year wishes.

On January 12, the old base in Luntai held the "2023 Spring Festival Staff Symposium", at which the executive vice president of T-ALL Inspection Group, Mr. Guan Qingbin, listened deeply to the difficulties encountered in work and life, effectively solved the problems for the staff and cared for their growth. The atmosphere of the meeting continued to be high.


2023 Spring Festival staff sympathy seminar

After the sympathy meeting, Mr. Guan and the base leaders went into the base workshop to understand the working environment of the staff, to ensure the smooth operation of production, the orderly progress of the work, to protect the safety of the staff, so that the staff on the front line feel the warmth of the team and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

During the Spring Festival, various kinds of sympathy activities were carried out independently around the country to send rich New Year gifts to the employees, creating a festive, joyful and peaceful atmosphere and making the "flavor of the year" full in the heart of every inspector.




Various places to carry out the Chinese New Year sympathy activities




Each product line carries out Chinese New Year sympathy activities

For Chinese people, the greatest taste of Chinese New Year is reunion. There is such a group of people, they stick to their posts, fighting on the front line, sacrificing the small for everyone, and fully carry forward the spirit of hard work and testing. They are the international front-line employees who are thousands of miles away!

On January 19, CEO of T-ALL Inspection Group, Mr. Li Pandeng, Executive Vice General Manager, Mr. Guan Qingbin, and General Managers of three international branches of T-ALL Inspection Group sent their care and blessings to the overseas frontline employees through nail video link, and expressed that they should always pay attention to the practical difficulties of overseas employees and provide necessary assistance to their families, so as to satisfy and reassure the employees.


Overseas Chinese New Year Online Sympathy

The New Year sympathy warmth, this Spring Festival sympathy activities, let the employees actually feel the company's care and New Year congratulations, increased the staff's happiness, sense of belonging, close the distance between the staff, further enhance the team cohesion, stimulate the common labor spirit, ignite the team vitality.

The new year was opened and the rabbit was presented with blessings. In 2023, with the heavy responsibility on our shoulders and a rainbow journey, we will work hard together to achieve new leaps and new glories with a vigorous spirit and a realistic working style!