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——The first large-calibre long pipeline testing operation of the Jitongo Testing Group was a complete success
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At present, long-distance pipeline has become an important means of transportation to transport oil, natural gas, and other energy, to ensure the safety of pipeline operation, it must be regularly tested. At the same time, to ensure that the internal detection work can collect high-quality detection data, it is necessary to carry out the cleaning operation before the internal testing, to reduce the risk of blocking.

By the Tongao Testing Group pipeline inspection branch of the National Pipeline Network West Pipeline Co., Ltd. Yanlan crude oil line to be inspected pipeline length of 240 kilometers, the pipeline diameter of 813mm. The company's operating team officially arrived at the job site on July 8, 2021, to start testing, has sent a total of 5 clean-up detector, accumulative clearance of 700 kg of dirt, the last clean-up of 0 kg of dirt, far beyond the "clearing impurity quality less than 5 kg or two consecutive clean-out of impurities quality equivalent" industry standards, high-quality after the completion of clean-up operations. In the follow-up internal detection work process to send geometric detector and leakage magnetic and IMU detector are successful in one run, and on August 19 at 14 o'clock officially completed the three-axis high-definition leakage magnetic detection and receiving operation, all the basic data complete and effective, marking the first time in the country to carry out large-caliber long pipe detection operation has been a complete success.


In the pipeline detection work, the need for detector accurate matching pipeline status, manual tracking detector, timely feedback, record the time of the detector to reach the marking point, accurate calculation of detector operating speed, to ensure that the detection operation is accurate and efficient. Every time you run the detector, the team must work around the clock, continuously with the ball positioning 72 hours. Team members to the heavens as a companion, with the ground as the way, with the tube as the way, with practical action to interpret the Anton people hard work, hard work, hard work and enterprising spirit.


Pipeline testing business as the most entrepreneurial characteristics of Tongao testing industry, we are committed to providing customers with a high level of integrated testing services. In recent years, after continuous training, branch offices in the technical construction, team configuration, operation organization and other aspects have achieved great progress, but also for the successful completion of the first operation has laid a solid foundation.

The concept leads the action, the direction determines the way out. We will not forget that the pipeline testing team growth bit by bit is the cohesion of all testing people hard work, we will be "long wind and waves will have, hanging the clouds and sails to the sea" confidence, to "a thousand hard, blowing the yellow sand to gold" perseverance, continue to remember the mission, forge ahead, for the writing pipeline testing new glory and unremitting efforts!