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[International petroleum Network] First major breakthrough in shale oil exploration in Qaidam Basin
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On December 15, qinghai Oilfield Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) (hereinafter called "Qinghai Oilfield") was informed that as of December 10, well Chaiping 1 of Qinghai Oilfield has been continuously pumping and producing steadily for 30 days, with a total of 1598.77 cubic meters of crude oil injected, marking a major strategic breakthrough in shale oil exploration in The Qaidam Basin.

Qaidam Basin is characterized by late forming stage and intense transformation in late stage, unusually complex geological structure, short sediment source, low maturity of oil and gas reservoirs, thin, numerous, scattered and mixed reservoirs, which is a "hard bone" for oil and gas exploration although it has a wide exploration area and great potential, it is more difficult.

Qinghai Oilfield exploration division engineer Wang Fuguo said: "Shale oil exploration in qaidam basin started late, but Chai Ping 1 well is breakthrough, thanks to the qinghai oil field geological theory research for a long time, thanks to the complex mountainous seismic acquisition integration, assessment of complex matrix storage, processing and interpretation series of form a complete set of leading technology at home and abroad, more is the result of optimized drilling, horizontal well fracturing volume key core technology breakthrough.


Wang Fuguo introduction, Chai Ping 1 well is deployed in the wood in the western depression of qaidam basin in qinghai oilfield hero ridge structure zone facies region of a shale oil value of horizontal Wells, on October 8, using "close cut + + large displacement current limit perforation + slime slip water high strength continuous sand" as the core of fracturing technology for fracturing construction 2.0 volume, The total fracturing workload of 124 clusters in 21 sections was completed, with a total fluid volume of 34,677 m3 and sand volume of 3,301 m3, creating 8 new fracturing construction records in Qinghai oilfield. On October 19, the fracturing operation was completed and the well was closed for another 19 days. On November 7, 2 mm nozzle was used to discharge the well. The maximum daily oil was 110 m3 and the oil pressure stabilized at over 30 mpa.

"There are many innovations in both geological research and engineering practice in Well Chaiping 1, and the performance of continuous trial production and stable production has become the best exploration well for shale oil exploration in China. As a milestone breakthrough well in the history of shale oil exploration and development in Qaidam Basin, Well Chai Ping 1 has accumulated experience in precise design of volumetric fracturing, careful organization ability of efficient construction, precision control ability of high-intensity construction and production control ability of shale oil horizontal well. "Yingongling shale oil is eligible to apply for the status of the latest demonstration area for efficient development of continental shale oil." Qinghai oilfield exploration division deputy chief geologist Zhang Changhao said.

Since this year, Qinghai Oilfield has made major breakthroughs in the comprehensive exploration and development of oil, natural gas and new energy. The success of Well Chaiping 1 has become another significant achievement in the construction of a new comprehensive energy highland with a scale of 10 million tons in Qinghai oilfield, and opened a new situation in the exploration of unconventional resources in Qinghai oilfield.