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[International petroleum Network] The southwest oil and gas fields of petrochina have formed two trillion gas areas and realized the increase of reserves by 100 billion yuan in two fields
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Petrochina southwest oil and gas field company (hereinafter referred to as the "southwest oil and gas fields") on the 18th, southwest oil and gas fields in 2021 focusing on the basis of upper palaeohigh Marine siltstones multi-layer system, deep shale gas, upper - sichuan siltstones terrestrial Permian in key areas such as tight gas, western sichuan, the four major new exploration results, the new geological reserves hit a record high, forming two trillions of gas province, Two areas to achieve a scale of 100 billion reserves.

It is reported that since pengtan 1 well Deng2 edge zone and Jiaotan 1 Well Canglangpu Formation obtained a major strategic breakthrough in exploration, Southwest oil and gas field has taken Marine carbonate pore type reservoir as the target, focused on the reservoir increase in Penglai gas area, and continued to deepen the exploration of geological laws of oil and gas enrichment. Innovation of the "south north deposition, erosion" slot - sets of pattern formation mechanism and penglai field fault, lithologic control circle, three-dimensional accumulation, compound accumulation "accumulation mode, based on penglai gas province lamp, lamp four marginal zone, Cambrian, Permian, give attention to two or morethings risk exploration combined with concentrated evaluation, the overall deployment, efficient propulsion, Four sets of large-scale porous gas reservoirs in Deng2, Deng4, Canglangpu and Maokou formations have been established, and a major strategic breakthrough has been made in the three-dimensional exploration of the central Sichuan paleo-uplift, and penglai trillion gas area has been basically formed.

Following the discovery of trillions of shale gas reserves in southern Sichuan, Southwest Oil and gas Field innovated the enrichment theory of deep shale gas, attacked key transformation technologies, drilled a number of high-yield Wells, and confirmed that Luzhou paleo-uplift is a large-scale rich area of deep shale gas. Luzhou north concentrated evaluation, development evaluation of peripheral area, three county, dazu county, yibin, zigong, multi-port well test daily output up to 20 to 500000, show deep basis of shale shall gas, luzhou deep evaluation of shale gas exploration and made great achievements, the new area to carry out the trillions of reserves, has proven the domestic largest deep shale gas field.

It is understood that tight gas is an important field for increasing reserves and increasing production in the 14th Five-year Plan of southwest oil and gas field. The southwest Oil and gas Field focuses on increasing tight gas reserves in the basin, continuously accelerating the integration process of exploration and development, and realizing the accumulation of continental tight gas in a scale of 100 billion cubic meters, showing the potential of 100 billion cubic meters.

Southwest Oil and gas Field vigorously implements the integration of exploration and development, realizing the overall control and exploration of the gas reservoir in the second member of The Shahejie Formation in Jinqiu Gas field. Focusing on Jinqian 8, Jinqian 5H and Zhongqian 1 blocks, actively expanding the peripheral blocks of Qiulin 16 well area, the exploration success rate is 100%. A strategic breakthrough has been made in the exploration of the first member of Shahejie gas reservoir in the core production area, opening up a new position of increasing reserves and building production with efficiency. Boldly cast aside the pre-exploration of tianfu gas area, deepen the exploration of Jinqiu Sha section, the new discovery of sha section four sets of industrial gas layer; New discoveries have been made in shaximiao Formation of Guanyinsi structure in southwest Sichuan and xujiahe Formation "fracture body" gas reservoir in east Sichuan, greatly expanding new exploration blocks and fields.

According to reports, Southwest oil and gas Field continues to increase the focus on the evaluation of platform margin belt of Qixia Formation in western Sichuan, and important new progress has been made in the exploration of deep Marine facies in western Sichuan, forming a new position of increasing reserves on a scale of 100 billion square meters.

In the southwest oil and gas field, the geological understanding was innovated, and the sedimentary pattern of "one margin and one belt" of Qixia Formation and "one margin and three high belts" of Maokou Formation were constructed. The multi-stage platform margin zone of Permian was locked in the northwest sichuan basin, and two exploration advances were made by combining concentrated exploration and pre-exploration. The two Wells tested more than 1 million square meters, set a new record for the test output of qixia Formation exploration Wells in Shuangyushi area, and proved the Qixia Formation gas reservoir in the basin for the first time.

It was revealed that shuangtan 108, Longxing 1 Maokou Formation and Wujiaping Formation drilled thick beach facies pore type reservoir with good gas content. The Permian system in northern Sichuan has favorable conditions for multi-stage platform margin zone superposition and three-dimensional reservoir formation, which has good exploration potential and is expected to form a new large-scale exploration area for increasing reservoir in Sichuan Basin.