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Coating business long-term layout is bearing fruit
——The casing coating has achieved business growth through authoritative verification
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In the past three years, due to the single product and technical service, the business of the field anti-corrosion project department of the casing Inspection Branch was in a depressed state. To break the status quo, since August 2019, under the leadership of the leadership of the test group, oil casing inspection branch related leaders and marketers into tarim, XiBeiJu market research needs, at the same time, give full play to the southwest petroleum university tai shi cooperative research and development ability, the project team in advance for oilfield anticorrosion projects catalogue diversified construction layout. In terms of oil pipe coating, we have designed and developed targeted products: ATP-200 coating (surface collecting and transporting pipe coating), ATP-300 coating (sulfur sewage collecting and transporting pipe coating), AND ATP-400 coating (graphene anti-wax powder coating).


In June 2020, with the strong support of the leaders of the branch, the oil field anticorrosion Project Department realized the transformation from scientific research achievements to large-scale production of ATP-200 coating (surface collecting and transporting pipe coating) and ATP-300 coating (sulfur-containing sewage collecting and transporting pipe coating) on the existing equipment. In November 2020, by means of upgrading existing equipment and purchasing new powder spraying equipment, the powder spraying of oil field anticorrosion project department was realized, and THE scientific research achievements of ATP-400 (graphene anti-wax powder coating) were successfully transformed into large-scale production.


In 2021, the SAMPLE of ATP-400 (graphene anti-wax powder coating) successfully passed the coating evaluation experiment of the State Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation Engineering.

In November 2021, the first tubing with graphene anti-wax coating was produced in the third plant of Northwest Bureau. The coating showed smooth and anti-wax effect was remarkable. Approved by the customer of the third factory of northwest Bureau, the third factory immediately required our company to prepare for the production of anti-wax coating for 3 Wells. One well (654) has been delivered, one well (660) is in production, and one well (600) is waiting for Party A to organize tubing. 

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According to the market, in 2022, the third oil Production Plant of Northwest Bureau is expected to demand 10 Wells for graphene-resistant wax coated tubing with an order amount of about 2 million yuan. Under this opportunity, casing testing Branch will continue to penetrate into customers, seize market opportunities, improve profitability, promote the efficient development of casing coating corrosion cause, and help Tongao Testing Group to the next level!