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Pipeline inspection

Direct Assessment of Pipeline External Corrosion (ECDA)

    The External Corrosion Detection Technology of Pipelines can determine the corrosion and its orientation without excavation or shutdown. It can provide a basis and a guidance for corrosion prevention and repairing, thus improve the safety of active pipelines. T-ALL Inspection Group is an independent third-party inspection organization with industry service qualification and rich experiences.

technical feature

·  Active pipeline inspection with no excavation and shutdown

·  A variety of external detection technologies to accurately locate corrosion points

·  Provide integrated service of pipeline testing, verification and anti-corrosion coating repair and reinforcement

service performance

·  Service market covers: Tarim Oil Field, Tahe Oil Field, Southwest Oil and Gas Field, West Pipeline, Southwest Pipeline, West-East Gas Pipeline, Iraq Halfaya Oil Field, etc.

·  12 years serving experiences in the industry. Cumulative pipeline detection exceeds 20,000 kilometers