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Industry news

 [Eastern South China Sea oilfield] Become stronger again! The first intelligent offshore drilling and production platform in our country has completed the offshore installation.

[Jilin Oilfield] The only one in PetroChina! The carbon dioxide capture, storage and enhanced oil recovery technology of Jilin Oilfield was selected as the 2023 green and low-carbon typical case by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

[China Petroleum Daily] The test of multi-frequency electromagnetic trenchless detection technology has been completed! The first time in China!

[Sixth Construction Elegance] The LNG project department in Ningbo, Zhejiang uses robots to detect the welds on the dome of the LNG storage tank.

[COOEC WeChat] The jacket of the largest oil and gas field independently explored and developed in the Pearl River Mouth Basin in China has been installed in place.

[Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Company] The evaluation experiment of super high temperature and super high pressure was successfully conducted for the first time in the country!

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